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the couple     das Paar

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Sample sentences:
Some couples draw up a prenup before marriage to arrange a split of their assets in case of a breakup or divorce.

Manche Paare setzen vor der Heirat einen Ehevertrag auf, um für den Fall einer Trennung oder Scheidung die Aufteilung des Vermögens festzulegen.
A retired couple won the jackpot of the raffle. Ein pensioniertes Paar gewann den Jackpot in der Lotterie.
With their new baby May and Mark were the happiest couple in the neighborhood. Mit ihrem neuen Baby waren May und Mark das glücklichste Paar der Nachbarschaft.
couple of hours ein paar Stunden
a couple of years ein paar Jahre
a couple ein Paar; ein Ehepaar
few; a couple of; some einige
a couple of times ein paarmal
a couple of ein Paar/ein paar
a couple of ein paar, einige
couple(s); (kapl) Paar (e)
couple einige, ein paar

I guess you know Spanish very well. I'm not on line most of the time. I think to get accommodation in the city is hard. I have many friends in Madrid, they all live outside the city. I think we can help each other to practice German or Spanish.
We drove back to the city and this time our bus driver went even crazier. We prayed for the ride to be over. We arrived safely two hours later and rushed back to our house not even complaining.
We had never seen a similar landscape. The lagoons had different kind of colors, blue, white, green and red. They were all surrounded by rocky, dark volcanoes making the entire landscape surreal.
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