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Translation of damned in German

damned     verdammt

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Sample sentences:
Mark said it was their fault and damned their unwillingness to admit it.

Mark sagte es wäre ihre Schuld und verdammte ihren Unwillen, es zuzugeben.
He damned the cutlery for being hard to handle. Er verdammte das Besteck dafür, dass es schwer zu handhaben war.

Lili was very nervous and feared that the entrance would be denied because she did not have any blank pages in the passport. The Visa office took our papers and pictures and handed them back five minutes later.
People on the bikes continued to drive around us although we were in the middle of the street. Supposedly this city has more than ten million inhabitants and more than three million bikes.
Thank you for your message. I am learning Spanish only for private purposes. Many of our neighbors do not speak English. If I'll go on vacation, I'll probably choose Spain or Latin America.
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