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Translation of defect in German

to defect     überlaufen
the defect     der Defekt

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Sample sentences:
The ninja left the shogun's fort and defected to the enemy.

Der Ninja verließ das Fort des Shoguns und lief zum Feind über.
defect; fault; carencia, defecto der Mangel
defect/fault defect(gebrek)
birth defect Geburtsfehler

Once the rain stopped we continued to visit some other sites within the city, among them a popular Pagoda, which was not in the center. We took a cab there and enjoyed this beautiful place of worship.
We were not the only tourists, there were a many boats sailing on the same route. At one point the driver stopped the boat and immediately children of the village people approached us.
There was no one on the street and we did not feel to comfortable. The first hotel we entered, was build from clay. We saw an elderly English couple just leaving their room. We went to the reception.
Most common translations: denominator    detachable    dignity    disdain    dive    douche    drunk    ebb    electrolysis    enclave   

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Conjugation of defect   [ defected, defected ]