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Translation of dim in German

to dim     abblenden; dimmen
dim     trüb

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to screen; fade out; dim abblenden
dim Lärm; Gedöse

We decided to the the super deluxe suite but once the reception clown told us that we could not have it without surcharge we decided to take the second best room for the price that we paid.
I would like to chat with you regularly, but it looks like you are not online at the moment. I heard about the political turmoil in your country, and I hope that it is not going to affect you.
The town on the other side of the border is called Arica. You immediately see the difference to Peru. Fast food chains, brand names and modern stores appear all over the city.
Most common translations: disgusting    divert    downfall    duchess    ecliptic    elevation    encrypt    envelope    etude    exile   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of dim   [ dimmed, dimmed ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of abblenden
blende ab  blendest ab  blendet ab  blenden ab  blendet ab  blenden ab  blendete ab  blendetest ab  blendete ab  blendeten ab  blendetet ab  blendeten ab