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Translation of dissociate in German

to dissociate     loslösen

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I work as an actor in the theater. I have studied English for seven years, French and Spanish for two years. Well, my level of Spanish is too low to have a good conversation, but I understand it.
I really value honest comments, and I am a believer that it is the only way that the social community system works, so as to know whom you can trust on both sides. Programmers did a great job if you were asking me.
The course was a bit tough because the teacher always gave lots of homework. We were upset about his behaviour. He was very arrogant towards all the students. It was simply no fun to study there.
Most common translations: donut    drier    earl    eightieth    emotion    ennoble    erstwhile    excess    expressway    fanatical   

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Conjugation of dissociate   [ dissociated, dissociated ]