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Translation of doe in German

the doe     die Hirschkuh
the doe     die Häsin

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Sample sentences:
The enforcer does not make decisions, yet he is always the one least popular.

Der Vollstrecker trifft keine Entscheidungen, und trotzdem ist er stets der Unbeliebteste.
This router does not meet the quality control's requirements. Dieser Router erfüllt nicht die Anforderungen der Qualitätskontrolle.
Monica is a career woman, so Mac does the housework. Monika ist eine Karrierefrau, und so übernimmt Mac die Hausarbeit.

In the coming morning we were picked up to do a day tour in the Mekong Delta. It included several stops all around the river bed and the delta of this huge river. The first station were floating villages.
For me it's a really I nice way to learn English vocabulary, verbs and grammar. I created a new vocabulary lesson about leisure and health. There are many words in that lesson.
Yes, I know that because I have visited there. I speak German and I am working on my Spanish. Where are you from originally? Are you going to a some language school and what is the best way to learn for you?
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