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Translation of dominate in German

to dominate     dominieren
dominate      beherrschen 

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Sample sentences:
The demographic composition of Puna is dominated by hippies.

Bevölkerungsstatistisch gesehen besteht Puna hauptsächlich aus Hippies.

Hamburg is a very beautiful city and i have a friend studying in that university. I hope you can enjoy your live and studying there. I have been teaching in a language school for a while. But in one month I am going to be in Hanover again.
What are you doing right now? Are you still online? How about your winter vacations? Which city do you live in? It would be very nice if we could write each other in German too. Are you up for it?
the crowded buses, the various colors and the amount of casinos on the way simply amazed us. We were told that Lima is not the safest place, so that we decided to stay just one night, before continuing to Cuzco.
Most common translations: dreamer    dynasty    egoist    emerald    enjoy yourself    erode    example    exponential    false    feel bad   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of dominate   [ dominated, dominated ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of beherrschen
beherrsche  beherrschst  beherrscht  beherrschen  beherrscht  beherrschen  beherrschte  beherrschtest  beherrschte  beherrschten  beherrschtet  beherrschten     
Conjugation of dominieren
dominiere  dominierst  dominiert  dominieren  dominiert  dominieren  dominierte  dominiertest  dominierte  dominierten  dominiertet  dominierten