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Translation of employment in German

the employment     die Anstellung

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Sample sentences:
The chances of employment at the event excited many young fans.

Die Chance, bei dem Anlass arbeiten zu können reizte viele junge Fans.
to employ; employment beschäftigen; Beschäftigung
employment; work; ocupacion, oficio die Beschäftigung
employment Beschäftigung; Berufstätigkeit
employment Beschäftigung; Anstellung; Arbeit
the employment,occupation die Beschäftigung
the gainful employment die Erwerbstätigkeit
full-time employment Ganztagsbeschäftigung
permanent employment Dauerbeschäftigung
the employment agency Arbeitsvermittlung
the employment freeze Einstellungssperre
full employment Vollbeschäftigung

I think we will start Spanish-English and then German-Spanish. Were my explanations clear that when the correct word appeared in the alternative suggestions one needs just to press skip? I think it is normal.
There are many mountains and lakes in our district in the central Switzerland. I'm married and we have a son named Joe, he is 2 years old. I have worked as an engineer at the Swiss Federal Railways.
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