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Translation of engineer in German

the engineer      der Ingenieur 
the engineer     der Ingenieur; die Ingenieurin

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Sample sentences:
The rocket was constructed by Russian and Chinese engineers.

Die Rakete wurde von russischen und chinesischen Ingenieuren gebaut.
The engineer plans the construction of the largest bridge on earth. Der Ingenieur plant die Konstruktion der größten Brücke der Welt.
engine; engineer; engineering Motor, Triebwerk; Ingenieur(1); technisch, Technik
train driver; engineer LokführerIn,2
engineer Ingenieur(in); Techniker(in)(1)
software engineer Softwareentwickler
engine; engineer Motor; Ingenieur
engineer der Ingenieur, Techniker
software engineer Programmierer
recording engineer Tonmeister
engineer Ingenieur/in

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