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Translation of error in German

the error     der Fehler; der Irrtum

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Sample sentences:
This might be an error or residual in statistics.

Das könnte ein Fehler oder Residuum in Statistiken sein.
None of the above translations are without spelling errors. Keines der oben erwähnten Übersetzungen sind ohne Buchstabierfehler.
error; mistake; desacierto der Irrtum
tolerable error tolerierbarer Fehler
trial and error Versuch und Irrtum
make an error einen Fehler machen
trial and error Ausprobieren
trial und error Ausprobieren
error (der) Fehler

After dinner we walked back and saw some interesting sites and shops on the way. Everything was quite impressive, as always in a new country. We entered the hotel and took an elevator to our room.
The architecture is much more interesting and beautiful than its sister in the South. The architecture was influenced by the French but also by the Chinese. The buildings are thin and tall.
I think there are many similar words in English and in German like park, house, bank and many more. Many people in Germany know these words, although they do not speak English properly.
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