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Translation of everywhere in German

everywhere     überall

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Sample sentences:
Marigolds grew everywhere in her garden.

Ringelblumen wuchsen überall in ihrem Garten.
Smartphones are booming almost everywhere in the world now. Smartphones boomen jetzt fast überall auf der Welt.
The whirlwind carried the pollen everywhere in the city. Der Wirbelwind verbreitete den Pollen überall in der Stadt.
pervasiveness; available,everywhere allgegenwertig
all over; everywhere überall in; auf
everywhere überall, überallhin
everywhere else überall sonst

What steered the little fly to the plant? Naturally, we do not know the answer. The human being cannot understand nature because he is part of it, he is inside it. Therefore he cannot judge objectively.
Everyone has the right to get a second chance, the option to live in reconciled circumstances. The environment has so much influence on us that we need to be aware of it even in very hard times.
In the evening we saw a Dutch couple which we have met in El Calafate (in the Perito Moreno tour and who were with us on the airplane to the Peninsula). We looked for our hotel and it was OK.
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