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Translation of fare in German

the fare     die Speise

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Sample sentences:
Kurt had trouble digesting last night's exotic fare.

Kurt hatte Probleme, die exotischen Speisen des Vorabends zu verdauen.
concessional fare ermäßigter Fahrpreis
fare Gebühr; Beförderungsgeld
thorough fare Durchgangsstraße
one-way fare Einweg; Einfachpreis
return fare Rückfahrt
fare fahrgeld, fahrpreis
bus fare Busfahrpreis

His name was Leo and he would become a good friend of mine during the next two weeks. He had a lovely girlfriend where he stayed during my visit. Basically, I slept in his place when he was away.
Dinner was a little strange. I was sitting as a guest at the dinner table but somehow I felt very uncomfortable. I felt that everything was staged for me. I sensed that this family was not used to having guests.
It was fantastic to see that each ice berg had its own form and color. Unfortunately we could not reach all galciers, some were blocked by their own ice breaking off and floating in the lake.
Most common translations: fence    filthy    flatten    folly    fortune    fringe    gallery    geodesic    glorious    grade of school