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Translation of favourite in German

the favourite     der Favorit

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Sample sentences:
Maradona was her favourite among the players.

Maradonna war ihr Favorit unter den Spielern.
Milk chocolate with chopped hazelnuts is my absolute favourite treat. Milchschokolade mit gehackten Haselnüssen ist meine absolute Lieblingsschokolade.

I hope you you had a successful week in Dortmund. Because of the bad weather at the last moment I could not get on my flight to Dusseldorf and I have stayed home. I was afraid to fly.
I think that it is easy to find new students, as many of them have already visited schools in Switzerland or Germany, but most of them have been to Berlin. Spanish learning is less common these days.
So you are getting used to write in Spanish. But I think you should not worry, as your Spanish is good and you understand everything. You'll enjoy it a lot, once you meet new people who speak it.
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