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Translation of fellow in German

the fellow     der Bursche; der Gefährte; der Gesell; der Kamerad; der Kerl; der Kollege; der Kumpel; der Partner; der Typ

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Sample sentences:
The fellow next door brings home a different girl every week.

Der Bursche nebenan bringt jede Woche ein anderes Mädchen mit nach Hause.
Evelyn found her fellow students at Oxford pretentious. Evelyn fand ihre Kommilitonen in Oxford prätentiös.
fellow; guy; comrade der Kamerad; die Kameradin
fellow Gefährte; Kamerad; Zeitgenosse
fellow Gefährte; Kerl; Kamerade
fellow-student Kommilitone /-in
fellow sufferer Leidensgenosse
fellow citizens Mitbürger
boy; lad; fellow der Bursche
fellow Kumpel, Kamerad
mate; fellow Kumpel
fellow Kerl,Typ

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Dinner was a little strange. I was sitting as a guest at the dinner table but somehow I felt very uncomfortable. I felt that everything was staged for me. I sensed that this family was not used to having guests.
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