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Translation of fidget in German

to fidget     zappeln

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fidget rahatsizlik; telas
fidget zappeln

Furthermore, a certain personal relationship emerges among the users. An identification of the students with the language school is built. All this helps to study Spanish for the individual student.
I really value honest comments, and I am a believer that it is the only way that the social community system works, so as to know whom you can trust on both sides. Programmers did a great job if you were asking me.
I attended a Spanish course in Malaga, but I need more practice and speak more often (and write of course). Here in Germany it is a bit difficult to learn Spanish because we do not have the chance to practice.
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German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of zappeln
zapple  zappelst  zappelt  zappeln  zappelt  zappeln  zappelte  zappeltest  zappelte  zappelten  zappeltet  zappelten