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Translation of fixed in German

fixed     festgelegt; fix

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Sample sentences:
The mechanic changed the flywheels and fixed the car.

Der Mechaniker wechselte die Schwungräder und reparierte das Auto.
After the electrician had fixed the problem, he took a break. Nachdem der Elektriker das Problem behoben hatte, machte er eine Pause.
The cobbler fixed my boots in five minutes. Der Schuhmacher reparierte meine Stiefel in fünf Minuten.
fixed point theorems Fixpunktsätze
fixed exchange rates feste Wechselkurse
fixed exchange rate fester Wechselkurs
fixed costs Fixkosten, Gemeinkosten
fixed resistor fester Widerstand
fixed assets Anlagevermögen
fixed costs fixe Kosten
fixed festgesetzt, fest
fixed fest(gelegt)

It was after midnight when we finally could go to bed and rest a little. It was good that the search for a better room turned out to be funny and amuzing so that we did not feel sorry about it.
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