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Translation of foretell in German

to foretell     voraussagen

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predict; to foretell vorhersagen

A proposal for our further cooperation: I will translate your texts in English and you translate my letters into Spanish. I will focus on spelling and grammar, and I will correct your sentence structure.
I really value honest comments, and I am a believer that it is the only way that the social community system works, so as to know whom you can trust on both sides. Programmers did a great job if you were asking me.
I can already speak a little English but not too well. So I'm more cautious about making mistakes. I want to improve my English, because it is also good for your confidence and communication skills.
Most common translations: fraud    fungicide    give back    gonna    graveyard    guild    handkerchief    hazard    her   

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Conjugation of foretell   [ foretold, foretold ]