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Translation of foster in German

to foster     fördern

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Sample sentences:
It is important to foster contentment in senior citizens.

Es ist wichtig, bei Senioren Zufriedenheit zu fördern.
foster; foster-child aufziehen; Pflegekind
foster parents Pflegeeltern
foster home Pflegeheim

I have the OK. They will make the changes and resend the homework tasks. I think that beginning of July would be a good date to start learning. What do you think? We should not wait too long.
As I understood from you, the redirection, as you implemented it now would not be necessary. From our phone conversation last week I understood that all language instructions are detected by default.
There were heaps of people in this area and we really had to struggle to get through the crowds. We drank a few beers and a couple glasses of wine and being totally tipsy Lili decided she needed to return.
Most common translations: frown    gangrene    get along    glycine    grandchildren    groundhog    half-board    harmony    hectic    high-contrast   

English Verbs    
Conjugation of foster   [ fostered, fostered ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of fördern
fördere  förderst  fördert  fördern  fördert  fördern  förderte  fördertest  förderte  förderten  fördertet  förderten