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Translation of fraudulent in German

fraudulent     arglistig; betrügerisch

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fraudulent adjective von fraud; arglistig; betrügerisch

It was after midnight when we finally could go to bed and rest a little. It was good that the search for a better room turned out to be funny and amuzing so that we did not feel sorry about it.
Nice to meet you. I am learning English but my English is very bad, we could exchange messages in Spanish. I have got all the chat applications on my laptop. Sorry again for writing with many mistakes.
Arica was not our destination, we had to move to the South, around one thousand kilometers, and we did not know how, whether by bus, plane or train. We considered all of them and start looking for itineraries.
Most common translations: funk    gazelle    give out    gonorrhea    gravitation    guileful    handle    hazardous    herald    hit