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Translation of generous in German

generous     freigebig; freigiebig; generös; großzügig; spendabel
generous     freizügig

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Sample sentences:
Her generous use of different colored highlighter implied a thorough nature.

Ihr großzügiger Einsatz verschiedenfarbiger Textmarker deutete auf eine gründliche Natur hin.
He was a generous husband, but also dominant. Er war ein großzügiger Ehemann, aber auch dominant.
generous grosszügig, spendabel; edelmütig
generous großzügig, spendabel
be generous großzügig sein
generous grosszügig, freigebig
hospitable, generous gastfreundlich
generous freizügig; spendabel
generous großzügig

It was after midnight when we finally could go to bed and rest a little. It was good that the search for a better room turned out to be funny and amuzing so that we did not feel sorry about it.
It is better to loose two dollars than a leg to some stupid crocodile. We moved on and the boat driver took us to a farm close to the floating village. There were all sorts of animals.
We decided to make a one day trip to Bolivia, which turned out to be the correct decision. Instead of driving all the way up to the Salar de Uyuni, we stayed close to Chile and visited the area of the lagoons.
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