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Translation of giddy in German

giddy     schwindelig; schwindlig

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Sample sentences:
She felt giddy seeing him again after all these years.

Sie war aufgeregt, ihn nach all den Jahren wiederzusehen.

It looks like we need to invite Erika again to my home, once the cake is ready. Of course, this should be done before Sunday to stay in the chocolate cake race. We should buy cream too.
Please give me a minute to work on it, I've currently three people talking to me at the same time over the support chat, plus two others in form of real people in my office! (Yes this still exists, real people...). Is that OK?
I was 10 days on vacation. We were in Portugal and Spain. It was very useful because I could improve my Portuguese, a little bit at least. Please send me pictures of your vacation too.
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