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Translation of grain in German

the grain     das Getreide
the grain     das Korn

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Sample sentences:
The tiniest of all the elves was no bigger than a grain of sand.

Die winzigste der Elfen war nicht größer als ein Sandkorn.
grain das Getreide
grain Getreide

When we landed in Ho Chi Minh city I immediately perceived that the building, houses and structures in the airport had a Russian or a communist influence: large, concrete, grey buildings all over.
The different monuments were located in one big compound in the center. Strangely on the same day that we have visited there the prime minister of Thailand came for a visit in the same area.
My sister just moved to Boston, Massachusetts and I visited her for two days only. This means that I do not know the city but what i saw of it was really nice. I will visit her next month or so.
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