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Translation of heaven in German

the heaven     der Himmel

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Sample sentences:
The title of the book was "Dance with Heaven and Earth".

Der Titel des Buches war "Tanz mit Himmel und Erde".
The devil waits in hell and angels in heaven. Der Teufel wartet in der Hölle und Engel im Himmel.
Ascension is the day that Christ ascended to Heaven. Himmelfahrt ist der Tag, an dem Jesus in den Himmel aufstieg.
for heaven's sake!; For heaven's sake; for heaven's sake Um Himmels willen!
sky; heaven (der) Himmel
heaven Paradies, Himmel
heaven; sky der Himmel

So it tipped excessively. I mean, she was around sixty or seventy years old. Anyway, we left the boat and embarked on a larger one which took us to a hidden community in the middle of the delta.
Our fisherman stopped the boat and his nine year old girl opened a box with souvenirs, clothes and hats. We were in the middle of a river not going anywhere and had to start buying things.
We left town and drove around the lake. Around 30 minutes after leaving we had a flat tire, which I changed immediately. That was very annoying as the rental company asked us to fix the flat tire.
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