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Translation of holding in German

the holding     die Beteiligung

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Sample sentences:
The bird was holding a branch with acorns in his talons.

Der Vogel hielt einen Zweig mit Eicheln in seinen Fängen.
holding haltend; Halt; Dachgesellschaft
a holding company Dachgesellschaft
holding company Dachgesellschaft
holding hands Hand in Hand

A little latter we came back to our home and Leonard offered me to take me around the city with his motorbike. I could not refuse although I am a little scared by these vehicles, as they are dangerous.
Whatever you decide is fine for me. We arrived in the USA. I remember you telling me that you are working with Holiday Inn. Is there any way that we could get the discount price directly from the hotel?
He started to shout and to curse at my wife and me, but we did not give him additional money. I am convinced that he knew exactly that he did not take us to the original hotel but to a fake one.
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