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Translation of hungry in German

hungry     hungrig

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Sample sentences:
The lavish feast attracted many hungry noblemen.

Das üppige Festmahl zog viele hungrige Edelleute an.
They served quail, but I was still hungry after dinner. Sie servierten Wachteln, aber ich hatte nach dem Essen immer noch Hunger.
ill; hungry; husband krank; hungrig; ehemann
hungry/ starving hungrig/ sehr hungrig
hungry - thirsty hungrig - durstig
Are you hungry? Bist du hungrig?
I'm hungry. Ich habe Hunger.
i'm hungry ich bin hungrig
to be hungry Hunger haben
to be hungry hungrig
(be) hungry hungrig
hungry hungrig sein

There one could find everything from shoes to jewelry, from food to electric equipment, such as cheap old TVs or ventilators. Inside the market there was a very bad smell so that we did not stay.
Our bus was completely full and we were the only Europeans on our tour. There were also Americans and people from South Korea. The driver took us to a place called Tam Coc. He drove like an idiot.
Thanks a lot for the correction, they are very helpful and so are you in general. As I mentioned earlier I need more practice to write entire sentences in French and it takes a lot of time.
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