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Translation of husk in German

to husk     schälen
the husk     die Schale

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Sample sentences:
She hated legumes because their husks always stuck to her palate.

Sie hasste Hülsenfrüchte, weil ihre Hülsen immer an ihrem Gaumen festklebten.
to husk enthülsen
husk schälen

We started the next day with the famous breakfast at our famous Rex hotel. The breakfast was not good at all and they tried to mimic an American continental breakfast, instead of using typical food.
In the end of the day we went to visit the Vietnam war museum. It is actually called the American war museum. It gives the Western visitors a different point of view of the events forty years ago.
My daughter is 12 years old and my son is 6. They are both in school. It is so beautiful to see them grow up, but time passes too fast. I wish you also a lot of happiness. Best wishes form Austria.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of husk   [ husked, husked ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of schälen
schäle  schälst  schält  schälen  schält  schälen  schälte  schältest  schälte  schälten  schältet  schälten