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Translation of improvement in German

the improvement     die Besserung; die Verbesserung

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Sample sentences:
A politician's intention should be to make improvements.

Die Absicht eines Politikers sollte sein, Verbesserungen zu erzielen.
improvement; to improve; get better Fortschritt; bessern; besser werden
an improvement eine Verbesserung; ein Fortschritt
to improve; improvement verbessern; Verbesserung
constant improvement ständige Verbesserung
self-improvement Weiterbidlung
improvement Aufschwung

I don't remember exactly what we did there, all I remember was that there was some show including a snake and a Janasene tourist agreed to have the snake on her neck. I almost fainted just by watching.
Nevertheless, I agreed to go there and check it out. It looked much better than the one that we booked in advance and we decided to stay there for two nights. It had a great pool and we were welcomed with drinks.
Than we took a cab to the actual border crossing. In the cab we took gave a ride to another tourist and with some scary Peruvian guy, who had a bag full of faked CDs. He didn't seem too nice and had many scarves.
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