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In in German

in     I am in the car. in Ich bin im Auto.
in     herein; hinein
in     bei

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in broad terms; in general terms in großen Zügen; in groben Zügen
to stay in touch; to keep in touch in Kontakt bleiben; in Verbindung bleiben
to trust somebody; to trust in somebody; trust somebody jemandem vertrauen
to succeed (in); success; successful Erfolg haben; Erfolg; erfolgreich
specialist (in) Spezialist/in; Fachmann/ -frau; Facharzt/ -ärztin
be in charge das Sagen haben; die Leitung haben; verantwortlich sein
lose interest in; to lose interest in das Interesse verlieren an
in the afternoon; in the afternoon(1) am Nachmittag; nachmittags
to be reflected in sich wiederspiegeln in; Ausdruck finden in
with reference to; in regards to; in relation to in Bezug auf
in retaliation for als Racheakt; als Vergeltungsmaßnahme
eventually; finally; in the end schliesslich; schlussendlich

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sorry i was not on skyoe. it was not working right. i will talk to you later. Just came back from the mountains. It was extremely cold and there was plenty of snow. But I loved it. Skiing is the best.
I have another question to you: How old are you? You look very young on your picture. Your life sounds really interesting but I cannot imagine how it is to live there. Is it safe there?
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