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Translation of inhabitant in German

the inhabitant     der Bewohner; der Einwohner

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inhabitant; occupant der Insasse
inhabitant Bewohner; Bewohnerin
inhabitant Einwohner;Bewohner
Inhabitant Der Bewohner
inhabitant inwoner

I don't remember exactly what we did there, all I remember was that there was some show including a snake and a Janasene tourist agreed to have the snake on her neck. I almost fainted just by watching.
People on the bikes continued to drive around us although we were in the middle of the street. Supposedly this city has more than ten million inhabitants and more than three million bikes.
Anyway, our stay in Puerto Varas was nothing special, as the weather was terrible. We continued to Bariloche the same day. It was a 6 hour long bus ride passing the Andes mountains. The views were amazing.
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