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Translation of insult in German

to insult      beleidigen 
the insult      die Beleidigung 

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Sample sentences:
She insulted me by trampling all over my art.

Sie beleidigte mich, indem sie kreuz und quer über meine Kunst trampelte.
insult beschimpfen; frech; beleidigen
insult Beleidigung -beleidigen
to insult jmd. beleidigen
to insult beleidigen(1)
to insult beleidigen
insult beleidigung

I would also like to talk to you via VOIP. I have installed Messanger on one of our laptops. I was wondering if you received my last email that I sent last weekend or so. It contained a few images of our home, state and family.
I learn things really fast and easily. I also know Italian well. I can make whole conversations in Italian. You are a fast learner, because Italian is a hard language to learn, especially for German speakers.
We arrived in there again at night, it was cold and the town was empty. There were few tourist hanging around, but most restaurants and bars were empty. We looked for an hotel and found on immediately.
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English Verbs    
Conjugation of insult   [ insulted, insulted ]
German VerbsPresentPast  
Conjugation of beleidigen
beleidige  beleidigst  beleidigt  beleidigen  beleidigt  beleidigen  beleidigte  beleidigtest  beleidigte  beleidigten  beleidigtet  beleidigten