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Translation of interest in German

the interest     das Interesse; der Zins
the interest     die Beteiligung
interest     Zinsen

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Sample sentences:
Any delay in payment will be subject to penal interest of 3%,

Jede Zahlungsverzögerung unterliegt einem Strafzins von 3%.
The psychiatrist's fervent interest in the zodiac seemed unprofessional to her. Sie fand das lebhafte Interesse des Psychiaters an der Tierkreisthematik unprofessionell.
lose interest in; to lose interest in das Interesse verlieren an
vested interest persönliches Interesse
interest rate; interest loan Zinssatz
by earning interest durch Verzinsung
be of interest von interesse sein
arouse interest Interesse wecken
non-interest bearing zinslose
interest (verb) interessieren
interest (noun) das Interesse
real interest rate Realzins

I am sorry that I did not respond to your last email you sooner. Have you been busy with your work? Do you have any meetings or travel planned? I have friends around the world and they call me Mike.
The best place to eat for us was the Tamarin cafe. The atmosphere was really a backpackers atmosphere, but with style. People were sitting there with laptops and and travel guide books.
The American girls came with T-shirt and sandals, not exactly the right equipment for a trip 5000 meter over sea level and minus 10 degrees outside temperature during the day. Anyway, the landscape was fantastic.
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