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Translation of intersection in German

the intersection     der Durchschnitt; die Kreuzung

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the crossroads; the intersection die Kreuzung
intersection Kreuzung; Autobahnkreuz
intersection Anweisung

it was very hot and very cool and very long. I will go to Mallorca at the end of June only for a week... but it is enough.... the sun, beach and water, coast... uuuhhh. For my job I use German and English language.
The best place to eat for us was the Tamarin cafe. The atmosphere was really a backpackers atmosphere, but with style. People were sitting there with laptops and and travel guide books.
My wife and I left the hotel to walk around this tiny village. We just fell for this place. In the afternoon we made a hike to a nearby hill. From the view point one could see the entire Atacama desert.
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