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Translation of latter in German

the latter     der Letztere
latter     letztere; letztgenannt

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Sample sentences:
The tincture worked better than the cream but the latter was more popular.

Die Tinktur war effektiver als die Creme, aber letztere war beliebter.
latter letztere; letzterer; letzteres
latter letzte; jünger; letzterer
the latter später; letztgenannt
the latter der/die /das Letzte
latter letztere, letzteres
latter letztere(r,s)
the latter letzteres

My mom and dad used to speak English when they wanted to say something I shouldn't understand. In this way I have learned English. I did not tell them till late, but I did understand every word they said.
Please give me a minute to work on it, I've currently three people talking to me at the same time over the support chat, plus two others in form of real people in my office! (Yes this still exists, real people...). Is that OK?
I speak a little English. I would be happy to teach you German as well. May I can introduce myself? My name is Jürgen and I live in Dusseldorf. 25 years ago I was born in Mannheim, Germany.
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