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Translation of leg in German

the leg      das Bein 
the leg     die Etappe; die Keule

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Sample sentences:
The poor cat had a gammy leg.

Die arme Katze hatte ein lahmes Bein.
Sensei immediately noticed even the slightest wobble in my legs. Sensei bemerkte selbst das geringste Wackeln in meinem Beinen sofort.
His leg was still hanging out of the alligator's mouth. Sein Bein hing immer noch aus dem Maul des Alligators heraus.
a broken arm/leg Arm/Beinbruch
the leg(s) das Bein, Beine
lower leg Unterschenkel
leg in plaster Gipsbein
leg of lamb Lammkeule
wooden leg Holzbein
The Leg das Bein
leg (das) Bein
leg das Bein

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