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Translation of log in German

the log     das Scheit; der Baumstamm

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Sample sentences:
The log blocked the path to the monastery.

Der Baumstamm blockierte den Weg zum Kloster.
log out abmelden; ausloggen
log in anmelden; einloggen
log Holzblock; Holzklotz
log Protokoll

We bought a Sandwich and were looking for a taxi, but the streets were so crowded that we had to wait nearly one hour to find a cab. We even had to walk a few blocks in order to catch one.
The cafe was not cheap but the food was quite special. In the back there was a travel agency, again not the cheapest one but they made a very reliable impression and that is why we booked with them.
We hardly remembered that our day began at 7.30am 500 kilometers further north. It was now already 6pm and we were eager to board the plane in order to reduce the distance to our destination.
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