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Translation of main in German

main     Haupt-

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Sample sentences:
At this eco-village, our main goal is sustainability.

In diesem Ökodorf ist Nachhaltigkeit unser Hauptziel.
Her main motivation to become an artist was her mother. Ihre Hauptmotivation, Künstlerin zu werden, war ihre Mutter.
Lettuce is very good for your digestion especially when consumed before the main course. Salatblatt ist sehr gut für Deine Verdauung vor Allem wenn es vor der Hauptspeise konsumiert wird.
main thing; most important thing die Hauptsache
three main issues 3 wichtige Hauptpunkte
main holiday; main holidays Hauptferien
main power switch Hauptstromschalter
the main objective das Hauptanliegen
main road; highway Hauptstrasse,2
main holiday Haupturlaub,-ferien
main Haupt-, hauptsächlich
main male character Hauptfigur

I really worry about the health of obese people, especially the ones that I know in person (friends, relatives), because it is well known that overweight have a higher probability of heart attack.
In addition, I want to inform you that I found a possibility to deliver a more Spanish lessons from Vocabulix. To my knowledge, the lessons are excellent and a great base for the Spanish training.
We spent the entire day doing nothing, just waiting for the night train which would take us into the northern mountain area of Vietnam, close to the Chinese border. The train left at around ten.
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