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Translation of mantra in German

the mantra     das Mantra

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Sample sentences:
Michelle's mantra was: 'I can achieve anything I want.'.

Michelles Mantra war: "Ich kann alles erreichen, was ich will."

About ten hours later we landed in Bangkok, with the calculated time difference it was about two o'clock in the afternoon. I asked at the information desk how I could get to the domestic terminal.
Basically, I would write an idea in English (or better in German) about Spanish Grammar or English Grammar and you could help editing it and translating it. I can send you emails with some remarks a little later or tomorrow. It is already 8.30 here.
I have accepted you into my friend list, you have to accept me now too. Great! My goal is to have a good level in English, so that I can find a decent job in England or in the United States.
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