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Translation of margarine in German

the margarine     die Margarine

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Sample sentences:
Generations of children were told margarine was healthier than butter.

Generationen von Kindern wurde erzählt, Margarine wäre gesünder als Butter.
margarine Margarine

We returned to the former capital of the South at dawn and were dropped next to our place. We had a very nice day all in all, although it was very touristy. We felt that we have seen enough of the area.
I understand that you use the article 'die' when talking about a feminine object, das when the subject is neutral, and der when talking about a masculine object. But how can you remember all these?
The type of exercise was new to me and I think it worked great. How are things in your country and in your city? Do you also have Thanksgiving holidays? I enjoy my free time at home with my kids.
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