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Translation of massacre in German

to massacre     massakrieren
the massacre     das Massaker

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Sample sentences:
Blaming the Chinese to have provoked the Nanking massacre is completely paradoxical.

Die Chinesen zu beschuldigen, das Massaker von Nanking provoziert zu haben ist vollkommen paradox.

We returned to the former capital of the South at dawn and were dropped next to our place. We had a very nice day all in all, although it was very touristy. We felt that we have seen enough of the area.
Why do you wanna learn to speak Portuguese, it's a very difficult language? I don't know many people who can speak well, except Portuguese and Brazilians of course. I love the sound of it.
Needless to say, Machu Picchu has earned its reputation and was definitely one of the highlights of our journey: We took the train to Aguas Calientes in the early morning.
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Conjugation of massacre   [ massacred, massacred ]