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Translation of memorial in German

the memorial     das Denkmal
the memorial     die Gedenkstätte

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Sample sentences:
The artist designed a big memorial for the deceased.

Der Künstler entwarf ein großes Denkmal für die Verstorbenen.
memorial Denkmal , Ehrenmal
memorial tablet Gedenktafel

We returned to the former capital of the South at dawn and were dropped next to our place. We had a very nice day all in all, although it was very touristy. We felt that we have seen enough of the area.
Breakfast was unbelievable. It was just delicious. They had all kinds of tropical fruits, great baked bred and croissants and superb jam. Coffee was not too bad either and service excellent.
We had never seen a similar landscape. The lagoons had different kind of colors, blue, white, green and red. They were all surrounded by rocky, dark volcanoes making the entire landscape surreal.
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