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Translation of merely in German

merely     lediglich; nur

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Sample sentences:
In reality, he knew nothing about the sine and merely bluffed when he went to the blackboard.

In Wirklichkeit hatte er vom Sinus keine Ahnung und bluffte nur, als er an die Tafel ging.
merely nur; bloß
merely bloss; nur

We decided to the the super deluxe suite but once the reception clown told us that we could not have it without surcharge we decided to take the second best room for the price that we paid.
The bus driver drove so quickly and with extremely dangerous maneuvers. We were so afraid and the other passengers started to scream at the driver which did not help the situation at all.
During my summer vacation I want to go to Italy for a month. I already look forward to it. I hope that our communication is helping you and I would be pleased about continuing writing mails.
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