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Translation of merlot in German

the merlot     der Merlot

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Sample sentences:
Iman's merlot tasted like dark chocolate and blackberries.

Imans Merlot schmeckte nach dunkler Schokolade und Brombeeren.

I have started learning only one month ago, that was during the summer holidays, I want to go to Canada for three weeks and then participate in a course. I hope that I will improve it more or less.
Basically, I would write an idea in English (or better in German) about Spanish Grammar or English Grammar and you could help editing it and translating it. I can send you emails with some remarks a little later or tomorrow. It is already 8.30 here.
The weather is never really good this time of the year here. I have found a new girlfriend and guess what: she is Spanish. Yesterday we went out for the 4th time. Tomorrow I will see her again.
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