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Translation of mike in German

the mike     das Mikro

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Sample sentences:
Coach Mike Johnson changed the lineup three hours before the game.

Drei Stunden vor dem Spiel änderte Trainer Mike Johnson die Aufstellung.
After they gave the speaker a mike, we could finally hear him. Nachdem sie dem Sprecher ein Mikro gaben, konnten wir ihn endlich hören.
He built Mike a strange looking six wheeler for his birthday. Er baute Mike zum Geburtstag ein seltsames sechsrädriges Fahrzeug.

Well why are you doing that to yourself? That is very hard. You can easily write in another language, if you prefer, because I speak many languages and I can understand many more. I only have problems with writing.
Basically, I would write an idea in English (or better in German) about Spanish Grammar or English Grammar and you could help editing it and translating it. I can send you emails with some remarks a little later or tomorrow. It is already 8.30 here.
These may be linguistic and cultural differences. There are indeed various regions throughout Spain and the word choice is not always the same. It is sometimes hard to understand people from other cities.
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