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to mother     bemuttern
the mother      die Mutter 

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Sample sentences:
Many single mothers made a living working in the cannery.

Viele alleinerziehende Mütter verdienten sich ihren Lebensunterhalt in der Konservenfabrik.
My mother loved to eat coney with pepper and honey. Meine Mutter aß Kaninchen gern mit Pfeffer und Honig.
My mother played the harp and sang me a lullaby. Meine Mutter spielte auf ihrer Harfe und sang mir ein Schlaflied.
the mother(s) Die Mutter, Mütter
mother die Mutter; die Mütter
mother in law die Schwiegermutter
mother-in-law Schwiegermutter(1)
Mother; Mum Die Mutter; Mutti
mother tongues Muttersprache
Mother's Day der Muttertag
mother tonge Muttersprache
mother; mom Mama; Mutter

I'm looking to move to Spain in the summer and hoping to visit my friend in Barcelona before then so I was hoping to have the basics done by then. I've always wanted to learn another language, but we are not pushed enough in the US.
A year later we decided to make another trip. We have both been to Mexico and to Cuba, and the year before we were in South America, where we have visited several countries for five weeks.
All taxi drivers recommended that we stay in the hotel, watch TV, refrain from physical effort and drink Mate tea in order to get used to the altitude. We made the mistake and didn't listen to them
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