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Translation of network in German

to network     vernetzen
the network     das Netzwerk
the network     der Verbund

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Sample sentences:
Bellenheim researched the neural network for over ten years.

Bellenheim erforschte das neuronale Netz über zehn Jahre lang.
to network; to network Kontakte knüpfen; vernetzen
network Sendenetz; (TV, Radio)
network Sendenetz (Radio, TV)
network provider Netzanbieter
the NBC network die NBC-Kette
network effect Netzeffekt
network netzwerk
network Netz

So we decided to move on. We were looking to get the next flight to Hoi Ann, which is located right in the center of the country, but we were told that there had been floods a week earlier.
The first thing he wanted to show us was a war memorial for Cambodia's civil war. The war has ended only few years earlier and was still very present in the mind of the entire population.
We asked for the price and were surprised to hear it: A hundred dollars a night. We were actually happy to hear the high price because we knew that if we would not find anything else there was still a good place to stay in.
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