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Translation of noticeable in German

noticeable     auffällig; fühlbar; wahrnehmbar
noticeable     spürbar

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to attract attention; to stand out; to be noticeable auffallen
to strike; be conspicuous; be noticeable auffallen
noticeable wahrnehmbar, erkennbar
noticeable merklich, wahrnehmbar
hardly noticeable kaum bemerkbar

We sat on the balcony and saw that the hotel had even a pool on the roof top but I did not have the courage to jump in. It just looked to dirty and as no one was in there I did not need to be the first.
Breakfast was unbelievable. It was just delicious. They had all kinds of tropical fruits, great baked bred and croissants and superb jam. Coffee was not too bad either and service excellent.
On the other side of the mountain range were the lake region and Bariloche. Argentina had a completely different atmosphere. People were not as calm as in Chile, and it reminded me of Italy.
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