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Translation of ocelot in German

the ocelot     der Ozelot

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Sample sentences:
The man warned us that ocelots transmitted dangerous diseases.

Der Mann warnte uns, dass Ozeloten gefährliche Krankheiten übertrugen.

I am sorry that I did not respond to your last email you sooner. Have you been busy with your work? Do you have any meetings or travel planned? I have friends around the world and they call me Mike.
At 6 am in the morning we got up and walked to the Tamarin cafe, where we were picked up an hour later. By the way the bus driver rode we could tell that our travel agency was more professional.
At around 6pm. we were back at the Chilean border and we were happy to change cars (to the mini bus again) and seeing a paved road. It took us another hour to get back to our hotel.
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