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Translation of of course in German

of course      selbstverständlich 

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of course; desde luego; por supuesto selbstverständlich
of course natürlich; selbstverständlich
of course; sure natürlich; sicher
of course natürlich; allerdings
of course selbstverständlich(1)
of course; naturally natürlich
of course natürlich,sicherlich
Of course not! Natürlich nicht!
of course not natürlich nicht
of course Selbstverständlich
Yes, of course. Ja, natürlich.
Of course!; Obviously! Na klar!

When we left the stadium after the game there were plenty of people on the streets. The neighbors opened their windows to sell grilled meat and the entire street smelled of meat and smoke.
How much Spanish do you know ? My summer vacations were great. I was two weeks in Ibiza, it was unbelievable! We went to the beach and had a lot of party, every night. Now I am back in my little village near Bochum.
We exchanged numbers and they offered that we should contact them once we'd arrive to the capital. After dinner we bought some chocolate in one of the many stores, but it was not tasty, compared to Swiss chocolate.
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