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Translation of our in German

our     unser

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Sample sentences:
Our last vacation was quite pricey, but it was worth it.

Unser letzter Urlaub war ziemlich teuer, aber er hat sich gelohnt.
He was introduced as a prospective co-worker of our group. Er wurde als zukünftiger Mitarbeiter unserer Gruppe vorgestellt.
Proximity to customers is our topmost principle. Kundennähe ist unser oberstes Prinzip.
beyond our control außerhalb unsere Macht
our vegetables unser Gemüse (Plural)
It's our pleasure gern geschehen
we our ours wir unser unsere
our way in unserere Richtung
our teachers unsere Lehrer
our unser; unsere
we/our wir/unser
our unser,unsere

One of my favorite seasons is the winter, the time in which everything is white and bright. But even though I like this time of the year a part of me detests it because of it may drawbacks.
I already spoke to Lin, but nonetheless I would like to send you a list of lessons that you could start with. Please login to your Vocabulix account and save the lessons before starting with them.
I went to the desk of Aerolineas Mexicanas and postponed my flight by two days. I did not have to get prepared as I had done some homework before coming here. The backup plan was Isla Mujeres.
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