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Translation of overactive in German

overactive     überaktiv

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Sample sentences:
Lara was overactive and occasionally collapsed at work.

Lara war überaktiv und fiel gelegentlich bei der Arbeit um.

I was on vacation for almost two months, so that I could not send you the learning files. In the coming days I will organize the tasks for 2012... Can I count on you for some translation work? Can you translate the following sentence?
Somehow, my email was not sent. There were even a few mistakes, but really only minor things, nothing really bad. I've already read some other texts that you have sent and are getting better each time.
I am planning to work at the moment for the next 3-4 months, but I will accept another project and I will work during the holidays. Therefore, I want to offer you to stay in touch all the time.
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